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1 Rainbow Animal Rescue, NC

Rainbow Animal Rescue of NC - a genuine charity saving the lives of dogs and cats
P.O. Box 972,
Roanoke Rapids,
NC, 27870

Tax ID #20-0241166

Rainbow Animal Rescue NC operating the
Halifax County Public Health System Animal Rescue and Adoption Center,
54 Dog Pound Road,
NC, 27839.

Phone: 252-883-6413

Our New Kennels
New Kennels, Rainbow Animal Rescue, NC
January 27th 2024: Update on new small kennel building. We were delayed by the weather because you cannot pour concrete when it is freezing. The concrete is now poured and the photo was before it was finished or had the cleaning drains inset. The framing will start soon. We have an appointment for a fence company to quote for the indoor/outdoor kennel fencing. The plumbing has been run up to the foundation and once it is in we will be moving in the heating and cooling unit along with a stainless steel shoreline kennel for puppies. To accomplished all this while trying to get the last of the dogs out of the facility, along with all the other things accumulated over the years while still doing kennel duty has not been an easy task. On top of all that we sadly have not been pulling anything from our Animal Ccontrol because we need to get this move accomplished first. Since we do this to save the lives of the animals, it pains us greatly knowing not a lot of animals will make it out simply because they have nowhere to go. If you would like to foster a dog (give it a temporary home) click here to see the Foster Application Form.

January 14th 2024: Although we are leaving the facility at 54 Dog Pound Road, Rainbow Animal Rescue will continue. Please note that our intake is closed until we are completely out of the facility. The only thing we will be able to take on for the next week or two are small puppies because we can find placement with rescue partners for them. If you have a family member that is declining mentally or physically, PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO START MAKING ARRANGEMENTS FOR THIER PETS. Most rescues and shelters are busting at the seams and cannot magically make room for adult dogs.

Changes to the Future Operation of Rainbow Animal Rescue
October 29th 2023: Rainbow Animal Rescue does not have any paid staff and the few volunteers we have are finding it too difficult to operate the kennel facilty at 54 Dog Pound Road. Consequently, we have decided to stop using the building at the end of December 2023. We will revert to using foster homes and finding rescues for the dogs as Rainbow Rescue did 10 years ago. We will continue to treat the heartworm positive dogs that are at the facilty (we need foster homes for these) and care for and provide training for all dogs currently at the kennels - we need adopters/rescues/foster homes for these.

At this time we plan to have the dogs we have on hand placed in the next 8 weeks. Right now we have absolutely no space. There is a waiting list. We will attempt to assist in emergency situations but during this downsizing period that may not be possible. We realize that closing the building will increase the euthanasia rate in Halifax County as we will be limited in the number of animals we can help as we move to a foster based program. If you are interested in looking after a dog in your home for a few weeks at a time or through a medical recovery, please fill out a Foster Application Form. NOTE: If you have a dog or cat and want to foster, be aware your pets will need to be current on vaccinations, altered, and we prefer but do not require a fenced yard. We will furnish all food, medical, crates, collars/leashes, etc.

Lost and Found Pets are featured on our Facebook Page

Beat the queue! The cutest dogs have many applications and pre-approved applications have priority over new applications. If you have already been approved to adopt, you are more likely to be able to adopt the dog you want.
Click here for the Adoption Application Form.
Due to lack of volunteer time, we are only able to answer questions from prospective adopters that have filled out an application form.

January and February is mating season for Coyotes and being related to dogs they may regard your dog as a mate or a rival or dinner! Do not let your dogs out alone and do not allow your outdoor cats to roam. Although Coyotes are prevalent in outlying and rural areas, they are also thriving in suburban and urban areas, and smaller towns as well. Coyote breeding typically peaks in late February and early March, the gestation period averages 58 to 63 days. Male Coyotes can become more aggressive during this time of year, the long and short of it all is that Coyotes always pose a risk to your dog (and other small pets). That risk increases during mating season.

Spay/neuter your pets. Coyotes are attracted to and can mate with unspayed or unneutered domestic dogs. Unspayed female dogs in season can attract male Coyotes. Entire male dogs can be lured away by the scent of a female Coyote in her ovulation cycle. Additionally, male dogs can be lured by the female Coyotes scent and killed by male Coyotes. You should also be mindful that Coyotes are clever and learn the daily schedules of people and their pets. If you let your dog out every evening at 9 pm, chances are that a Coyote is well aware of your routine. He might be waiting in the shadows at 9 pm to attack your dog. So change your schedule a bit, walk your dog on leash close to you, and keep a close eye on them at all times.
Click here for more information

volunteers156.jpg SAVE A LIFE - FOSTER A DOG! We had to leave dogs at Animal Control because we do not have room for them. Giving a temporary home to a dog will mean we can rescue a dog from the pound thus saving its life. We prefer our foster homes to be in Roanoke Rapids and Halifax area but we are open to offers. If you would like more information about fostering please click here for the application form.

Puppies and Still Looking for Volunteers We are receiving a lot of calls and requests about pups we may have up for adoption. Our volunteers stay swamped with vetting, cleaning, feeding, Etc and so we only answer questions from people that have filled out an application form. We are sorry but we are too short staffed to field all the questions especially when it is about a dog we already have multiple applications for.
  1. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application. That is the first step.
  2. Remember, our work at Rainbow is fully voluntary and unpaid. We have families, jobs, and other responsibilities.
  3. Please be patient as we work through this time of need.

Click here to see our donations page
Our vetting expenses for 2022 were over $65k. This year donations are down and our outreach funds are exhausted. We are currently in debt to the tune of over $5k at Vets offices. Many people have continued to donate faithfully to us and they are a blessing because their help allows us to provide care to the pets we help.

What We Do
Rainbow Animal Rescue is a no-kill rescue based in north-east North Carolina. We are a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization (EIN 20-0241166). We are not a business and do not employ anyone. We started our rescue in an effort to help the many unwanted, abandoned and mistreated animals in Halifax County, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We keep dogs at our adoption center operated by volunteers, and foster pets in our homes until we can find loving 'forever' homes for them. We rely on donations from the public to help us save the dogs and cats.

Contacting Us
We have so many calls our voice mail is often full. You can text but with so many texts it is hard to respond. We do look at each one, but as unpaid volunteers with jobs (we have to pay our bills) and families (yes, we have those too), we are limited in how quickly we can process them. A lot of time is spent with messaging. It is best to fill out the Adoption Application Form.

Volunteer at Halifax Animal Rescue and Adoption Center, NC
We need help with cleaning at our building in the mornings. There is a lot of work to be done and right now there are only four of us, two of which also work paying jobs. We are there 365 days a year. On top of regular cleaning we have to keep up with maintenance of the building and yard work as part of our agreement with Halifax County to use the facility. We arrive around 6:30am and are there until 9:30am to sometimes 11:30am. Also evenings, depending on vet trips, jobs, Doctor appointments, that have to get squeezed in. We need help! If you are serious about volunteering (even a couple of hours one day a week) please contact us.

We need people to help out at the Animal Rescue and Adoption Center, 54 Dog Pound Road, Halifax. Do you have 2 hours of free time one day a week? We need people to help out Monday through Friday and possibly weekends from 8:30 to 10:30 am. If interested please contact or 252-883-6413.

We need people to help with:
  • Kennel cleaning: We have to do this every morning. The more people we have the less time it will take.
  • Socializing the dogs and cats: Playing with them and grooming them.
  • Transportation: Taking the animals to the vet, to other rescues and to adopters, either using our van (if it is working) or your vehicle.
  • Administration: Processing adoption applications, data entry - adding new dogs to the database, updating medical records, filing.
  • Fundraising and Donations: We need money and materials to operate the shelter. Organise or help at fundraising functions.
  • Adoption Events: Transporting dogs to adoptions events, looking after them while they are there, telling people about them.
  • Fostering: We need people to provide temporary homes to the dogs and cats we have rescued. The more foster homes we have, the more pets we can rescue from the county pound so we never have enough. Foster homes provide useful information about a pet so that it finds a home more easily. We need you to live in the area of Roanoke Rapids/Halifax, NC in order to foster a pet. Click here for the foster home application form.

Adopting a dog
Would you like to adopt a dog on the day of your visit? You need to be a pre-approved adopter. Fill out our Adoption Application Form now so that you are ready to adopt when you see a dog that like. We do NOT do on the spot adoptions. Applications must be submitted and vetting/personal references must be checked before an adoption is completed. You will not be able to adopt a puppy or dog on the day of your visit if you do not have an approved application. Click here for the Adoption Application Form. Make sure your Vet has permission to pass on your information to Rainbow Animal Rescue. If your vet refuses to talk to us this will delay your application and may result in the dog you want being adopted by another applicant.